Company Policies

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Ballet Nevada LLC & NPA, Inc. POLICIES


1. STAY INFORMED: we rely completely on YOU to stay up-to-date re. facility and studio activities/events/important dates.



  • Keep your email & cell phone current (for texts)

  • Add our email to your address book

  • Read emails & check website on a regular basis

  • Check the bulletin board and read signs posted in the lobby area


2. All fees are non-refundable/no credits: applies to ALL fees, including but not limited to tuition, Registration/Liability Fee, production (performance/ show/ costume) fees, workshops, master classes, auditions, tickets, rentals, etc.


3. A 31-day PAID, WRITTEN notice is required for any planned monthly absences and/or departures; written notice must be submitted to the office in person or emailed.


4. Fill out “Student Drop Off & Pick-Up Authorization Form” and keep up-to-date.  Parents must pick up their child from the main studio lobby immediately after their class (late pick-up fees will incur); students may not leave studio without parent/guardian or authorized person. 


5. Photographing or recording performances/classes/workshops, etc., is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless special permission is arranged prior.  This is an industry-standard rule.


6. ONLY DANCE SHOES ARE ALLOWED ON DANCE FLOORS. Absolutely no street shoes allowed on any studio floor; no exceptions.


7. NO: Gum, Food or Drink in studios (water bottles with lids are okay).


8. NO NUTS are allowed (of ANY kind).

9. All Mobile-phones/Electronic-devices must be off in studios (allowed in lobby area only).


10. Observation of classes/Security: a video feed from each classroom is provided to parents in the lobby. The entire facility is monitored by closed circuit video cameras 24/7.

11. Registration/Liability Fee & Form:  ANY student/person using Ballet Nevada LLC/NPA, Inc. facility for ANY purpose whatsoever must pay a yearly Registration/Liability Fee and read and sign Form of same. This fee is due after 1 time use in any room/studio of our facility, including drop-in/single classes, private lessons, ongoing classes, rentals, etc.

12. Students may be dropped-off for classes; however, siblings &/or friends may NOT remain unattended.

13. Students/ parents/ guardians, etc., may not use stairs to observe class or store personal belongings, including water-bottles, at any time. The stairway is a fire-exit and must be kept clear.


14. Lost/Stolen Items: Ballet Nevada LLC/NPA, Inc. are not responsible for lost or stolen items at any time.

15. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


16. All activities on the premises are being recorded by our CCTV Security System. Any inappropriate or out-of-control behavior, use of profane language, rudeness, or intoxication of any kind will not be tolerated by our company and will result in the immediate, permanent banning of abusive-clientele from any and all Ballet Nevada/ NPA events, performances, entrance-to-premises, etc., with potential law-enforcement involvement should any such situation occur or if the ban is violated.


17. Make-Up Policy:  make-up classes may be taken upon office approval only and must be taken within one month (30 days); Make-up classes do NOT include a student’s regularly enrolled classes; there are no deductions or pro-rating of fees for classes missed, vacations. For INCLEMENT WEATHER policy, please click here.


18. Late Pick-Up Fees: Parents picking up students late will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child with no cap. Late fees are payable in cash to the Office. Unpaid late pick-up fees will be billed to the student’s account.




1. ALL classes must be paid for in advance. Monthly payments are due the 1st day of each month & considered late after the 7th day.


2. LATE FEES: A $15 late fee will be charged after the 7th of each month; an additional $15/week will be charged on the 14th and weekly thereafter, until account is current. Students will not be allowed to take class until all fees are paid. If not received in a timely manner, all accounts will be forwarded to collections. Likewise, account must be current before a student may perform in productions &/or receive costuming.


3. All monthly class payments and other fees are made with Automatic Billing: debit/credit card charged the 1st of each month. Alternate method of payment: PayPal (button, top of page; service fee applies).


4. ALL Students provide a current credit/debit card upon Registration and will authorize Ballet Nevada to charge this card for late payments and late fees, if incurred, as well as fees applicable to 31-day notice.


5. Please notify office immediately regarding credit/debit card changes, including expiration dates, account numbers and security codes.


6. Declined credit/debit card fee and return check fee: $35.00/transaction.


7. Students choose one of 2 options for the ENTIRE SEASON (Aug-July) when paying tuition:

Option 1: Drop-in Rate/ Class-Cards

Option 2: Tuition has been averaged into 12 EQUAL monthly payments. Equal fees are due each month, regardless the length of the month or holidays. There are no deductions or pro-rating of fees for classes missed, vacations, etc..


8 All classes require a minimum of 3-4 students. Classes w/ 2 students will not be held or will be held at a higher drop-in rate. 

Ballet Nevada LLC & NPA, Inc.

Company Policies